Prayer points

Central Prayer meeting 1/4/20

Praying for our world

Let’s begin by praying for our world in this time of crisis. Especially that:

  • Our sense of mortality and frailty will draw us all closer to God in Christ and will lead many more to a personal, saving faith in him for the first time.
  • For Christians to show compassion and practical help. Setting a good example for others to follow.
  • Wisdom be given to the Government as it seeks to guide the country through this difficult period.
  • Skills and wisdom be given to the health workers on the front line and the scientists seeking to develop an appropriate response.

Prayer from our own fellowships

  • For families - that children and parents will grow closer to God and each other in patience and love; that God’s word will go deep into their hearts. Parents will not be overwhelmed with the challenge of teaching children at home, but use online resources wisely, keeping their eyes on Jesus.
  • For the isolated residents of Grove House and Cottingham Hall care home - that what they have been taught from your word would come to their minds.
  • For students - they will use this time well to draw close to God and share their faith with friends and families. To cast all their anxieties upon the Lord.
  • Thanks for - the technology to connect us together, that this will be used to encourage the young people and teach them Christ, the Home Group leaders would use this to support their members.
  • Pray for the family of Joan Williams as they prepare for a small family funeral at the Crematorium on Tuesday 7th April. Pray that God will draw them into relationship with him so that their comfort will be an eternal one.


International work

  • Grow in Christ in the teaching of the Apostles
    Serve one another - refined NOT fearful
  • International Home Group
  • Congolese @ SJN
  • African Boys Bible Study
  • ESL
  • Iranian’s @ SJN
    Transfers-Bible Studies
  • Mission Committee
  • Pastoring
  • Mahabba Pray for Muslims
  • Material economic support  
  • Mahabba Pray for Muslims
  • Pastoring
  • Mission Committee

GFA World – Caroline Abblitt

Pray for Asia

  • Pray for the leprosy colony
  • Pray for the snake charmer village
  • Pray for many other people to find hope
  • Pray for brothers and sisters ministering in difficult areas with much poverty and need
  • Pray for missionaries: to be encouraged and have God’s help and wisdom, strength etc.

Pray for South Asia with Coronovirus

  • Pray for South Asian countries in lockdown because of coronavirus
  • Pray for provision and protection for the poor and needy, and that they will find true hope
  • Pray for our brothers and sisters to have opportunities to help and share hope
  • Pray for fellowships who cannot currently meet together

UK Office

  • Pray for God’s help as we work remotely
  • Pray for Ellen and Phil, who both live alone and are working from home
  • Pray for our new staff member, Folo, serving with us (from home) for 3 months and praying about joining for longer
  • Pray that the UK church will continue to pray and give
  • Pray for Caroline: God’s peace, wisdom, strength, a close walk with Him, that I will be trust Him, be fully supported etc