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Mass Destruction - Is God Guilty of Genocide?
Melvin Tinker
ISBN13: 9781783971855

Divinely-sanctioned murder in the Old Testament has long posed a moral dilemma for Christians. Many are quick to pass judgment on a society they do not understand, and to make false comparisons with modern atrocities, which they rightly condemn. In this timely book, Melvin Tinker brings out the many complications that are involved in reading the ancient texts, and shows that what seems alien to us was a necessary part of the divine guidance and protection given to ancient Israel. The texts will never make easy or comfortable reading, but here we have an explanation that will give us greater understanding of what transpired in the distant past and why.
Dr Gerald Bray, Research Professor, Beeson Divinity School

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Touchy Topics
Melvin Tinker
ISBN13: 9781783971794

Why does God allow evil ?
Is God a delusion ?
Is the Trinity Biblical ?
What is sex for ?
Is God female ?

‘Finding answers to questions like the nature of God, his sovereign control in life, evil, and suffering, is what makes up a person’s worldview. In this book, where faith is seeking understanding, these and other subjects are probed with care, sensitivity, and faithfulness to the truth of Scripture.’
David F. Wells, Distinguished Research Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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A Lost God in a Lost World
From deception to deliverance; a plea for authentic Christianity
Melvin Tinker
ISBN13: 9781783971220

Melvin’s latest book looks at the cultural pressures on the church and calls for ‘resistance thinking’ by unpacking the great truths about the Triune God in a fresh, deep and accessible way.

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What do you expect?
Ecclesiastes for Today
Melvin Tinker

From meaningless to meaningful—this encouraging and
uplifting distillation of reflections on Ecclesiastes presents a
heavenly perspective and focuses our attention on the one
‘greater than Solomon.’

‘This is one of those fascinating books that make you stop and
reconsider your life. Probing and provocative, it is ultimately
about helping you find true and lasting joy.’

Michael Reeves, Wales Evangelical School of Theology

‘Melvin Tinker has gained a reputation for writing accessible
books on central and difficult issues in the Christian faith. Here
he discusses life and its meaning, the teaching that we find in
Ecclesiastes. This book is not a commentary in the conventional
sense, but lively observations grounded in the text, and how this
plays out in all of our lives, and (best of all) played out in the life
of Jesus Christ. Highly recommended!’

Paul Helm, Teaching Fellow, Regent College, Vancouver

‘Ecclesiastes puzzles people. But Melvin Tinker has got the hang
of its challenging realism and opens it up vividly as a word from
God for our times.’

J. I. Packer

Intended for Good
The providence of God
Melvin Tinker
ISBN: 9781844745708

'... in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose' (Romans 8:28)

The Puritans used to say that 'providence is the last refuge of the saints'. Melvin Tinker's personal experience and work as a pastor have led him to believe that the doctrine of God's providence should be amongst the first refuges for the Christian seeking strength and comfort.

From the early church right through into the nineteenth century, belief in providence was part of the staple diet of professing Christians. For various reasons, the doctrine was eclipsed in the twentieth century, and still lies on the edges of much Christian thought and practice today. However, rightly understood, the providence of God shines as a glorious jewel in the crown of the Christian faith. Melvin Tinker's exploration and exposition of some of the wonderful facets of that jewel is both pastoral and practical. Read more...

Reclaiming Genesis
Melvin Tinker
ISBN 978-1-85424-997-5

Genesis challenges the nations surrounding Israel to a different view of God and the world. It debunks "myths" ancient and modern and provides the basis for a robust Christian world view through the prism of its specific literary and cultural context.

Genesis is pregnant with challenges to both the ancient and the contemporary world. Here are the foundational themes of the Christian faith: God's mercy; human dignity and purpose; God's mission to heal the nations. Reclaiming Genesis will prove particularly useful to ministers, Bible students and those confronted with "what about Genesis" arguments.

Combines close attention to the text, the insights of Biblical theology, clarity of presentation, interaction with current ideas, and helpful insights from the past. I praise God for this book.
Dr Peter Adam
Principal, Ridley College Melbourne.

A winsome, warm, thoughtful, and pastoral treatment.
Carl R Trueman
Academic Dean and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

Offers a theological commentary of the sort familiar to readers of early generations of Christian commentators such as Augustine and Calvin, written in a non-technical and easily accessible way for modern readers. Most welcome.
Paul Helm
Teaching Fellow, Regent College, Vancouver.

Manages to combine a convincing apologetic - that engages with current objections and obstacles to Genesis - with a faithful and coherent Biblical theology. This is a refreshing and much needed book.
Richard M Cunningham
Director of UCCF :The Christian Unions

Tales of the Unexpected

By Melvin Tinker and Nathan Buttery

ISBN  1845501160

At Christmas time whilst singing carols about 'gentle Jesus, meek and mild' we can miss that this time-dividing man had an edge about what he had to say. His parables are sometimes not 'nice spiritual stories'.

They capture the imagination, they paint timeless pictures, but they are also more than that. When you read, you get the unnerving sense that through them Jesus can see right through you. They can be unsettling, challenging, able to change you - that the sense of shame and lost-ness that we often feel may be provided with answers in what he has to say.

The Parable was an unusual form of teaching to Jesus' hearers, the Old Testament has only one main example, yet one third of Jesus' recorded words in the New Testament are parables. If these stories were so important to him, they should also be important to us.

Jesus was a communications genius, his parables convey important spiritual truths - appealing to young and old, rich and poor, educated and non-educated - because they are not just a story to be understood, they are a spiritual temperature gauge.

Deceptively simple, often taken from everyday Palestinian life; the parables are not just aimed to inform, don't even stop at transforming peoples' lives, but go further; to become part of the means Jesus uses to secure faith in men and women's hearts - they put us in touch with his mind.

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