Home Groups & Prayer Meetings

During term-time, we meet together mid-week in smaller groups to support each other, learn from God’s Word and to pray in a way which is more informal and intimate. One week we meet in Home Groups and the next for Prayer Meetings (see the timetable below - the pattern varies occasionally).

Prayer Meetings - fortnightly on Wednesday evening from 8-9pm in church, repeated on Thursday mornings from 10-11am in the Newland Christian Centre. A short Bible reading and time of worship is followed by updates about different topics. We then pray about these topics in groups of about four to six - people can pray out loud or silently.

Home Groups - in alternate weeks we meet in church members' homes on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings or Thursday mornings to study the Bible and pray. Home Groups also create networks for providing practical support and sharing with each other in the joys of our faith as well as the hard times. If you have not yet joined one of our Home Groups, have a word with one of the ministers or email .

Summer Term Programme

2 Kings: The Life of Elisha: the Forerunner of Jesus

Our seven Bible studies this term look at the life and person of Elisha in 2 Kings. The story of Elisha follows that of Elijah, his forerunner. A disproportionate amount of attention is given to Elijah and Elisha in the two books of Kings – 15 out of 47 chapters – 80 years in a 400-year period. So these two characters must be significant to God’s revelation and purposes and have much to teach us today.

The writer appears to have drawn parallels between Elijah and Moses and between Elisha and Joshua. However, the Gospel writers, and Matthew in particular, make frequent references to Elijah and Elisha, drawing important parallels between Elijah and John the Baptist on the one hand and Jesus and Elisha on the other. These parallels should provide the New Testament Christian with an interpretive grid through which to read what otherwise might appear to be a series of bizarre and foreign stories.

Another helpful interpretive grid to bear in mind is that, although the Elijah and Elisha narratives are set in the 9th century BC northern kingdom of Israel, they were most probably ‘published’ for the exiles of Judah languishing in the Babylonian captivity (c. 560-539 BC). These people probably felt very small indeed, abandoned by God, living among and under threat from powerful enemies, both human and divine. The exiles were not at rest in their Promised Land.

So, as metaphorical pilgrims in a foreign land today, let us look to the God of the one greater than Elisha.



Programme for Home Groups and Prayer Meetings - Summer term

24 April


APCM (annual meeting) at St John Newland

30 April/1/2 May HG Study 1: One Greater than Elijah - 2 Kgs 1: 15-2: 25

8/9 May

Prayer Meeting - Label of Love/Student work

14/15/16 May

HG Study 2: We Three Kings - 2 Kgs 3: 1-27

21/22/23 May

HG Study 3: A Tale of Two Women - 2 Kgs 4: 1-37

29/30 May

(half term)

Prayer Meeting - Special Presentation by Thy Cameron

4/5/6 June

HG Study 4: A Tale of Two Meals - 2 Kgs 4: 38-44

12/13 June

Prayer Meeting - Martin Reynolds/International work/Bradford Mission

18/19/20 June   

HG Study 5: A Bath of Humility and a Shower of Pride -

2 Kgs 5: 1-27

26/27 June   

Prayer Meeting - Caroline Grant/St Faith's & Riverside/Building work

2/3/4 July     

HG Study 6: The God of All Things Great and Small -

2 Kgs 6: 1-23

10/11 July Prayer Meeting - Viv Whitton & WEC/Children & Youth/Summer activities
16/17/18 July HG Study 7: Grace and the Grave - 2 Kgs 13: 1-25


Copies of the midweek programme booklet are available from Home Group leaders, in church or you can download a copy here.


Autumn Term Programme

Here are dates for your diary for the autumn term. Details of the topics for study and for Prayer Meetings will follow in due course.



Programme for Home Groups and Prayer Meetings - Autumn term

4 Sept

Central Prayer Meeting

10/11/12 Sept HG Study 1

18 Sept

Central Prayer Meeting

24/25/26 Sept

HG Study 2

2 Oct

Central Prayer Meeting

8/9/10 Oct HG Study 3

16 Oct

Central Prayer Meeting

22/23/24 Oct

HG Study 4

30 Oct

(half term)

Central Prayer Meeting

5/6/7 Nov 

HG Study 5

13 Nov 

Central Prayer Meeting

19/20/21 Nov HG Study 6
27 Nov Central Prayer Meeting
3/4/5 Dec HG Study 7
11 Dec Central Prayer Meeting
17/18/19 Dec HG Social

"There is always a great buzz about the Central Prayer Meeting and it is a helpful way of keeping up to speed with the many different ways we are engaging with the local community." Anne Crick