Covid-19 information

last updated: Thu 9th April 08:30. Info from before Sunday 29th is now here.

Thu 9th April

Melvin has written a meditation and prayer for today, "Honouring Jesus". Click here to read it.

Today is Maundy Thursday. We aren't broadcasting a service for today, but last year's service is available here: https://youtu.be/ELRMOm55rTE

Tomorrow on Good Friday we will be broadcasting a special service of meditations and music at 10.30am, based on last year's Good Friday service. On Sunday, Easter Day, we will be broadcasting a Family friendly service at 10.30am and an Easter Praise service at 6.30pm. See our video page.

John Piper has today released a free book 'Coronavirus and Christ'. Listen to what he has to say about it in this interview. The book itself can be downloaded in ebook or audio form from the Desiring God website.

It's important for the ongoing work of the church that our giving continues during this time, if your financial situation allows you to. Read more here.

Wed 8th April

Melvin recommends the article "Coronavirus19 - What's it for?" by Paul Helm.

Tue 7th April

If you're following our memory verse videos, here are the actions for Hebrews verse 3! Can you do all three verses yet? Don't forget to send us your videos!

Mon 6th April

Melvin has written a meditation and prayer for today, "Kept by God". Click here to read it.

Pete (along with his assistant Isaac) has recorded a reflection on Sunday morning's sermon for Riverside Church which you can watch below.


Sun 5th April

We'll be broadcasting services on our video page at 10.30am and 6.30pm today as we join together in worship.

Here are some questions to help you think through the sermons:

Morning: Luke 11:1-13 "The God who loves to answer prayer"

  • What holds you back from praying? In what ways does this teaching of Jesus help overcome these?
  • What difference does it make to think of prayer as ‘work’?
  • Why is it important to start with God in our thinking about prayer rather than ourselves?
  • Jesus is addressing his disciples and has in mind communal prayer as well as individual prayer. How might we encourage one another on to pray together?

Evening: 2 Corinthians 2:5-3:6 "The minister who cares"

  • Why is it important to welcome back a repentant member of the church, even if he or she has erred seriously?
  • What are the dangers of self-pity and what is the antidote?
  • What difference will it make to your life to see that for good or ill your witness is having an effect on people?
  • What is the ultimate effect of Gospel ministry? How can we support each other in this goal?

Sat 4th April

Tomorrow we will be streaming our broadcast service at 10.30am. This will be a mix of prerecorded songs from previous services, with new sections from Melvin and others in the church family. The sermon will be "The God who loves to answer prayer" (Luke 11:1-13)

At 6.30pm we'll be broadcasting a different service to help us worship together even though we are separated.

For families, download our Family Worship Pack for this week, "Keep on keepin' on", using Hebrews 12 v1-6: http://stjohnnewland.org.uk/downloads/Keep_on_Session_3.pdf

It'd be great to set aside time each Sunday to do this together.

If you missed last week's pack it is here: http://stjohnnewland.org.uk/downloads/Keep_on_Session_2.pdf

Christian Medical Fellowship have produced a prayer guide to help us pray for the healthcare workers on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic. Download it here.

Fri 3rd April

Have a listen to this Podcast interview with John Lennox. It's very helpful in being firm in our faith and thinking how we might engage with unbelievers at this time. https://youtu.be/nLMJKoHowzI 

Thu 2nd April

Melvin has written a meditation and prayer for today, "Get Real". Click here to read it.

Here are some updates from our Mission Partners around the world - please keep them in your prayers.

Ali and Cathy in Cambodia

Watch the reality of sanitation in Cambodia: https://youtu.be/2Pbo6lzdhNs

  • Praise God that the population in Cambodia is very young, which means hopefully less deaths from COVID than if the population was older.
  • Praise God that Cambodia is receiving expertise from China regarding the virus.
  • Please pray for the families on Silk Island, for their protection from the virus and poverty, and that they would be diligent with their therapy as we cannot visit them.
  • As always, we are still studying Khmer. Now that this is by Skype/WhatsApp, it’s even more challenging! Please pray.
  • Please continue to pray for Ali’s work on the national treatment guidelines and for good contacts at the Ministry of Health. This is obviously not a priority for them now.
  • Please pray for Hope School. We are concerned that for all international schools it will be particularly hard to recruit teachers for August, which could leave significant gaps in the curriculum. These past few weeks, for example, all our science teachers have left permanently.
  • Pray for God’s mercy on Cambodia, and for many to turn to Him.

John & Temple in South East Asia

The lock-down measure varied among different regions, and we are blessed to live in a small city where only a dozen confirmed cases were reported, which means the virus hasn’t gone far enough to cause a serious outbreak here. With strict measures taken, there has been no further domestic case since as early as February. Yet for some other cities like Wuhan the situation took much longer to get better.

We thank God for the overall relief of the epidemic across the country. And while it is heart breaking to see the coronavirus spreading rapidly worldwide, we should be assured that there will be an end – not only this pandemic but also all the chaos and sufferings resulted from the fall of Adam.

Temple found it hard to focus on Jesus in the early stage of the lockdown as she was overwhelmed by all kinds of information on social media. As a result, her daily routine and her mental status were seriously affected. Things began to change when she started reading helpful books and spent less time on social media.

Please pray for:

1.    the students to fight with laziness, apathy, and indulgence (video games, TV show binge, social media etc. ) especially when they are alone.

2.    the church to be able to meet together again. Before the coronavirus, the authorities had already tried to stop house church meetings with various plausible excuses (for example, impeding fire safety). Our concern is that, after the situation gets better, the Government might still ban house church meetings on the pretence of public health.

3.    Temple to explore new ways to serve the students during the COVID-19 outbreak. She has started an online book group for the fellowship, in which members are supposed to share the Christian books they are reading at least once a week. It’s been going well so far, thanks be to God.

Derek & Jane French in Spain

Lock-down is much more severe in Spain. They are on day 20 of being in the flat. Only Derek has been out for meds and groceries.

The Mum of a good friend of theirs died of the virus after 4 days in hospital and they are not allowed to bury her.

Church has moved onto Zoom and there is good engagement.

God is opening new opportunities to share Christ as the sure and certain hope that comes through knowing Him becomes more noticeable.

They have started an online ‘Life Explored’ course.

For their full bulletin: https://mcusercontent.com/5aa2094ef93b5eae426c96585/files/8fd33d4c-3159-467b-8001-321c28a558ff/French_bulletin_April_2020.pdf

Weds 1st April

Tonight we'll be joining together in prayer at 8pm using our Central Meeting prayer broadcast. You can watch it here.

Melvin has recorded a new message for us. You can read the text of it here.

Tue 31st March

We hope you enjoyed beginning to learn Hebrews 12:2 on Sunday - here are some actions to help you learn it!! Can you do both verses yet?


Mon 30th March

Melvin has written a meditation and prayer for today, "Our God reigns". Click here to read it.

This article is also worth a read: "Coronavirus - responding like Jesus" https://cmfblog.org.uk/2020/03/13/coronavirus-responding-like-jesus/

Heather Payne has spotted a new song from the Gettys which is brilliant. It's called "Christ our hope in Life and Death". Perhaps we can sing it together when we get back to church? Listen here


Info from before Sunday 29th March is now here.