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Sexual Revolution: What's the future for the Biblical vision of sex and marriage?

Biblical Christians are living through a sexual revolution with far-reaching consequences.What does the future hold? Can we recover confidence that we have good news to share?

We welcolmed Glynn Harrison a former Professor of Psychiatry, now an author and speaker about faith, psychology, and mental health to St John's in an event organised by East Riding forum. You can watch and listen to the talks here.

What it means to be Anglican:

Our position is best described in the Jerusalem Declaration and the commentary on it titled "Being Faithful: The Shape of Historic Anglicanism Today".

Mass Destruction - Is God Guilty of Genocide?
Melvin Tinker
ISBN13: 9781783971855

Divinely-sanctioned murder in the Old Testament has long posed a moral dilemma for Christians. Many are quick to pass judgment on a society they do not understand, and to make false comparisons with modern atrocities, which they rightly condemn. In this timely book, Melvin Tinker brings out the many complications that are involved in reading the ancient texts, and shows that what seems alien to us was a necessary part of the divine guidance and protection given to ancient Israel. The texts will never make easy or comfortable reading, but here we have an explanation that will give us greater understanding of what transpired in the distant past and why.
Dr Gerald Bray, Research Professor, Beeson Divinity School

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