Help with online audio recordings

Our online sermon recordings use a technique called "Streaming Audio" - you don't have to download the whole recording before you can hear it, instead your computer will start playing straight away and read it from the internet as you are listening.

If you want to download the recording in one go for later listening, you can do this by clicking on the "download" link. The sermon files are normally about 4.5MB in size which will take 15-20 minutes to download using a modem, or about 90 seconds using a broadband connection.

Most of our recordings are in MP3 format to allow listening on personal audio players or the PC audio software of your choice.

A few recordings are in Windows Media Player format (.wma or .wax files). You will need Windows Media Player to listen to the recordings. Most Microsoft Windows systems will already have this installed. If you are using a Mac or other non-Windows system, do not despair as there are special versions of Windows Media Player for most other operating systems.

Download Windows Media Player