This week's events

Sunday 15/07/2018
10.30am St Johns: The crown provides (1 Kings 16:29 - 17:24)
6.30pm St Johns: Passionate prayer (Daniel 9:1-23)
9.30am St Faiths/11.00am Riverside: When the crown no longer upholds the word (1 Kings 13:1-34)

Monday 16/07/2018
Mini Music 9.30 &10.30am in the Newland Christan Centre. Places must be booked in advance
English as a Second Language Class 1pm in the NCC
J Club 5.45-6.45pm at Riverside Community Centre
PCC 8pm in the NCC

Tuesday 17/07/2018
Homegroups meet this week

Wednesday 18/07/2018
Mini Music 9.45am at The Trafalgar Centre
Wednesday at 10 (for retired members) Day Out as arranged
Discoverers 3.30-4.30pm in the Parish Hall
Adventurers 6-7.15pm in the Parish Hall
Homegroups meet this week

Thursday 19/07/2018
Newland St John Pre-School Nursery service  11am in St Johns
ABC Toddler Group 1.15-2.40pm in the Riverside Community Centre
Homegroups meet this week

Friday 20/07/2018
Toddler Group 9-12noon in St Johns
Newland St John's Academy Leavers Service 1.30pm in St Johns
Pathfinders 6.30-8pm in St Johns
Mark2 8-9.30pm in St Johns

Saturday 21/07/2018
Kick It  (for Dads and kids 0-6yrs) 9.30-11am in St Johns

Sunday 22/07/2018
10.30am St Johns: The contest for the crown (1 Kings 18:1-46)
6.30pm St Johns: Prayer for ministry (Romans 15:14-33)
9.30am St Faiths/11.00am Riverside: The crowns are crumbling (1 Kings 14:1 - 15:32)