Who shall wear the crown? - 1 Kings 1

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the morning service on 15th April 2018.

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Who shall wear the crown? 1 Kings 1:1-53


 Stag do Go-Karting
 York Maze Go-Karting
 “Sitting on the throne and ruling”

David - the slumbering king (1:1-4)

 Abishag the hot water bottle

 A full bed and an empty throne

Adonijah - the self-appointed king (1:5-10)

 “I will be king”

 Not by right but by might

 Not invited to the party!


Nathan – the questioning of the king (1:11-27)

 The emphasis of the promises

David – the assertive king (1:28-53)

 Aroused to action

 Don’t panic but do act – what you do matters!

Questions: 1a) Who are the people you go to for advice? Are you willing to seek out the ‘dissenting voice’? 1b) How could you be better at promoting ‘the voice’ in your life that would promote God’s cause in your life? 2a) How has the passage and sermon encouraged and motivated you to ‘play your part’ for the Kingdom? In what areas are you prayerfully going to see change? 3a) What arouses you to action? 3b) What does it look like for the cause of Christ in this world to grip you and stir you?

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