Every blessing - Ephesians 1:1-14

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the evening service on 21st January 2018.

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Ephesians 1:1-14 – Every Blessing
    Ted Turner – ‘The mouth of the south’
    “Christianity is a religion for losers”
    “Christianity is a religion of winners”

The source of the Christian life – God the Father chose us (1:1-6)

 Before the foundation of the earth He chose a family

 Before our wills willed anything God willed to have us

The substance of the Christian life – God the Son saved us (1:7-12)
    Number one: Redemption

    Number two: Revelation


The security of the Christian life – God the Holy Spirit seals us (1:13-14)
    You are sealed

    You have been sold

The summit of the Christian life – God’s praises sung by us (1:3, 6, 12, & 14)
    Everything under Christ

    Everything praising God

    Winners Worship


1) Why is God the Father’s choice, according to His pleasure and will of great comfort to the Christian?

2) In what ways do these verses help us to live passionately, confidently and joyfully for Jesus in every area of our lives?

3) What have you discovered about the ministry of the Holy Spirit? How has that encouraged you?

4) How would you go about evaluating your worship based on what you’ve heard in the passage and the sermon?

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