The unmasking of evil - Job 40

This is a sermon by Melvin Tinker from the morning service on 4th March 2018.

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The Unmasking of Evil

Job 40-41


  • Hippos and crocodiles and the reality of evil.

The use of imagery.




  • The Identity of the Beast


  • The Behemoth - plural form of a common Hebrew word meaning ‘beast’. The Beast par excellence.


It is a creature made by God alongside all other creatures, v15. But there is something sinister about it, verse 19a.


Given that chapter 39 ends with cruelty and death, and in verse 13 of chapter 40 God challenges Job about death, perhaps the Behemoth symbolises death itself, v24.


The problem with Job’s friends, and to some extent with Job himself, is that their view of the world doesn’t have any room for a creature like Behemoth which brings disorder, chaos and death.


  • The Leviathan - Chapter 41 the identity becomes clearer.

Interpret Scripture by scripture.

Where else does the Leviathan appear in the Bible?


  • Throughout the story of Job itself, 3:8 which follows on from Satan’s disappearance in chapter 2:3. Another name given to this sea monster is ‘Rahab’ - 9:13 does not stand alone but as a whole army at its disposal. In 26:11-13 this is a monster God battles with and subdues. The word translated ‘gliding serpent’ in v13 -‘nahash’- is exactly the same word used to describe the serpent in the Garden of Eden.


  • Psalm 74:13-14.


Note the features of the Leviathan vv18-21 - like a ‘theophany’. 



  • Revelation 12:9.

Sympathy for the Devil.





The true identity of the Behemoth and Leviathan - Satan.


There is no ‘making of evil’ but there is the ‘unmaking of good’.







  • Isaiah 14:12-15.


This being does not lie outside God’s rule. ‘He is God’s devil’.





How do we respond?


  • Don’t get too close


  • Keep close to the One who has defeated - the Lord Jesus Christ.


‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus.’





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