Cosmos or chaos? - Job 9

This is a sermon by Melvin Tinker from the morning service on 4th February 2018.

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Cosmos or Chaos?

Job 9

Is God ‘safe’?


  • Possible key to the whole book is in verse 24:

‘If it is not he (God), then who is it?’ 

Job experiences an inner tension - God is sovereign over all, so if it is not ‘he’ then who?

But if God is righteous then ‘who’ is responsible for all the mayhem? Maybe Job is thinking there might be such a ‘he’ (we know there is because we have read the first chapter - the Satan!)


Job is ready to wrestle with God and ask hard questions.


  • Christians are not fatalists. We are to ask questions within the limits of revelation.

Job is responding to Bildad. He wants to be vindicated in the heavenly court, vv:2-3.


  • There are three areas of life which Job looks at and asks: What is a good God doing? ‘If it is not he, who is it?’




  • The area of nature, vv 5-10

Job sees that the world is predominantly one of order, so why the disorder?

The disorder and suffering we experience is a pointer to the fact there is a God of order and wholeness, otherwise we would not ask the question ‘why?’








  • The area of society, vv 22-23

Why does injustice seem to go unpunished?

There is a cry to heaven for a hell.

(Perhaps there is a hope of a future life in 19:25)














  • The area of Job’s personal life, vv33-35

He longs to meet with God to present his case and knows it is not possible without a mediator. Who can approach God but God? Who can understand a man but a man?  


Such an advocate exists - Jesus.













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