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Subjugation to safety via Sinai - Exodus
10 Apr 16 amThe house that does not fall Exodus 1 - 2 (SM)
17 Apr 16 amThe bush that does not burn Exodus 3 (SM)
24 Apr 16 amThe bricks made without straw Exodus 5 - 6 (SM)
1 May 16 amThe heart made out of bricks Exodus 7 - 9 (SM)
8 May 16 amThe bread made without yeast Exodus 11 - 12 (SM)
15 May 16 amThe seabed without sea Exodus 13:17 - 15:21 (SM)
22 May 16 amThe quail and the quarrel Exodus 15:22 - 17:7 (SM)
29 May 16 amThe arms lifted up and the hand outstretched Exodus 17:8-16 (SM)
12 Jun 16 amThunder and lightning, with a thick cloud Exodus 19 (SM)
19 Jun 16 amPromoting holiness and restraining sin Exodus 20 (MT)
3 Jul 16 amServants, strikes, sheep and society Exodus 21 - 22 (SM)
10 Jul 16 amLoyalty to neighbours and loyalty to God Exodus 23 (SM)
17 Jul 16 amThe blood and the glory Exodus 24 (SM)
24 Jul 16 amThe curtains and the courtyard Exodus 26 - 27 (SM)
31 Jul 16 amThe breastpiece and the ephod Exodus 28 (SM)

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