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Miscellaneous Services 2011
2 Jan 11 amNew Year, New Start, Same Saviour Ephesians 4:17 - 5:2 (TB)
16 Jan 11 amThanksgiving Sunday Acts 4:32 - 5:11 (SM)
24 Apr 11 amEaster Day family communion
1 May 11 amServing Jesus John 21:1-25 (SM)
6 Nov 11 amMission Focus Sunday - Will They Ever Know? (GV)
4 Dec 11 amFamily Parade Service
25 Dec 11 amChristmas Day Family Communion
16 Jan 11 pmThanksgiving Sunday Luke 12:32-34 (MT)
13 Mar 11 pm‘Creation or Evolution- Do we have to choose?’ (Spotlight Event in Middleton Hall) (DA)
1 May 11 pmEvening service (TB)
7 Aug 11 pmThe Fourth Commandment (Sabbath and Sunday) Exodus 20:8-11 (SM)
14 Aug 11 pm2 Ways Matthew 7:13-29 (VW)
21 Aug 11 pmAbundant Grace Matthew 20:1-16 (LM)
28 Aug 11 pmIs the Kingdom of Heaven worth it? Matthew 16:21-28 (TB)
6 Nov 11 pmMission Focus Sunday - Will They Ever Know? (GV)
11 Dec 11 pmStudent Carol Service Luke 2:8-20 (DB)
18 Dec 11 pmCarol Service Colossians 1:15-20 (MT)
1 May 11 rsMorning service
12 Jun 11 rsMission Sunday
19 Jun 11 rsFamily and Parade service
18 Dec 11 rsSt Faiths at 9.30am, Riverside Community Carols at 3.30pm
25 Dec 11 rsSt Faith's service at 9.30am; No service at Riverside
1 Jan 12 rsNo service at St Faith's or Riverside

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