The splendour of the crown - 1 Kings 9:10 - 10:29

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the morning service on 3rd June 2018.

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1 Kings 10 – The Splendour of the Crown


            Tours of royal houses and celebrity homes

            Virtual and audio tour of Solomon’s home


The Queen of Sheba gets a guided tour that leaves her breathless (10:1-13)


            She came with many expensive items and an enquiring intellect


            She demonstrates dedication to hearing and trusting the king


The scribe of Israel gives an audio tour and he is left breathless (10:14-29)


            The main word in his vocabulary – Gold!


The King of kings should leave us breathless (10:1-29)


            Appreciate Jesus’ wisdom (Colossians 2:1-5)


            Associate with Jesus’ ways (Matthew 2:1-12 & 28:18-20)


            Acknowledge Jesus’ warning (Matthew 12:38-42)



          The Queen of Sheba

Questions: 1a)  How would you describe your hunger for the wisdom of God? 1b) What lengths are you willing to go to in order to hear the wisdom of God found in the Bible? 2a) How would you describe your passion for speaking the wisdom of God? 2b) What lengths are you willing to go to in order to share the wisdom of God found in Jesus Christ? 3a) How are you going to respond to the example and warning found in the Queen of Sheba? 3b) What have you learnt about discipleship?

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