A voice from the storm - Job 38

This is a sermon by Melvin Tinker from the morning service on 18th February 2018.

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A Voice from the Storm

     Job 38-41


  • God in the dock

The pain of false accusations


The courtroom:





  • God speaks

3 types of questions: Who, what and have you ever.

God’s defence wasn’t quite as Job expected.

At the first pause, Job withdraws his accusations against God, 40:4


  • Why should we assume that we should receive an answer?
  • We have reasons to trust such a God who displays both wisdom and power.

The problem of trying to ‘outgod-God’.




The book starts out with our questions for God and ends with God’s questions for us.



‘God writes straight with crooked lines’.


  • We are left with only two corners of the triangle:



God is just and Job is righteous. The retribution theory doesn’t hold.










The posture of worship is adopted by Job.




The attitude of worship - George Mueller




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