Home groups & Central meetings

Meeting mid-week in smaller groups is important because it enables us to support one another, learn from God’s Word and pray in a way which is more informal and intimate. To that end we have home groups which alternate with central prayer meetings.

Prayer Meetings - fortnightly on Wednesday evening 8-9pm in church, repeated on Thursday morning 10-11am in the Newland Christian Centre. See the timetable below.

Home groups - the alternate weeks we meet in homes around the parish on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays to study the Bible and pray. Home groups also create networks for providing practical support, sharing with each other in the joys of our faith as well as the hard times.

If you have not yet joined one of the groups, then have a word with one of the ministers or email .

Letter to the Philippians

During the Spring term we will be studying Paul's letter to the Philippians. Paul wrote this letter from his prison captivity in Rome (Acts 28), to the Macedonian church at Philippi. The main thrust of his letter is to encourage the Philippians to continue in gospel partnership not just with Paul but also with one another. The term 'gospel partnership' has become a bit of an overused cliched term these days, but for Paul it meant not only sharing the the good news that Jesus Christ was lord and saviour, but also involved the whole church from the leaders to the slaves, striving together 'as one man' towards that purpose.

Click here for an exegeted text of Philippians




Programme for Homegroups and Central Meetings - Spring 2017



4/5 Jan

Central Prayer Meeting

10/11/12 Jan

Home group

Study 1 - The Pattern of Partnership (Phil. 1:1-11)

18/19 Jan

Central Prayer Meeting

24/25/26 Jan

Home group

Study 2 - Partnership Under preassure (Phil. 1:12-30)

1/2 Feb

Central Prayer Meeting

7/8/9 Feb

Home group

Study 3 - Christ the Paradigm of Partnership (Phil. 2:1-11)

15/16 Feb

Central Prayer Meeting

21/22/23 Feb

Home group

Study 4 - Partnership in Action (Phil. 2:12-30) HALF TERM

1 Mar

Debate at University

7/8/9 Mar

Home group

Study 5 - Partnership's Priorities (Phil. 3:1-11)

15/16 Mar Central Prayer Meeting

21/22/23 Mar

Home Group

Study 6 - Partners make Peace (Phil. 3:12-4:3)

29/30 Mar

Central Prayer Meeting

4/5/6 Apr

Home Group

Study 7 - Perseverence of partnership (Phil. 4:4-23)