Home groups & Central meetings

Meeting mid-week in smaller groups is important because it enables us to support one another, learn from God’s Word and pray in a way which is more informal and intimate. To that end we have home groups which alternate with central prayer meetings.

Prayer Meetings - fortnightly on Wednesday evening 8-9pm in church, repeated on Thursday morning 10-11am in the Newland Christian Centre. See the timetable below.

Home groups - the alternate weeks we meet in homes around the parish on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays to study the Bible and pray. Home groups also create networks for providing practical support, sharing with each other in the joys of our faith as well as the hard times.

If you have not yet joined one of the groups, then have a word with one of the ministers or email .

The Book of Zechariah

During the Summer term we will be studying the Book of Zechariah. The book is set in the period after the Jews had returned from Exile and around the time of the dedication of the newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. However, home was not all that had been hoped for; Zechariah's task was bring comfort, hope and direction to the struggling people of God, who had in effect returned to a 'bombed out' city.

Zechariah, is not a straight forward book like his contemporay Haggai. Zechariah is like an artist painting word pictures, and using symbolism (like the book of Revelation). Nevertheless, to ensure this symbolism is rightly understood an interpreting angel acts as a guide within the narrative, adding in some cases a message that goes far beyond what could be deduced from the visions. It might be said, that beside rebuilding the physical temple in Jerusalem, Zechariah ramps this restoration up to a new level, by calling the people to covenat renewal, alongside their temporal building project.

We will be using Tim Chester's 'Zechariah: God's big plan for struggling Christians' to help us study this Old Testament prophetic book. To get a helpful overview it is suggested that you watch the Bible Project's introduction to the book of Zacheriah below.


Here is the easy to read, marked up text for these studies.

Zecharaiah (pdf format)

if you would like it in an editable format, please contact

Programme for Homegroups and Prayer Meetings - Summer 2017

26 April


2/3/4 May

Home group

Study 1 - Surveying the Plot (Zech 1-2)

10/11 May

Central Prayer Meeting

16/17/18 May

Home group

Study 2 - Laying the Foundations (Zech 3-4)

25 May (Thurs)

Chirstian Institue Event

31 May/1 June

Central Prayer Meeting (HALF TERM)

6/7/8 June

Home group

Study 3 - Finishing the Building (Zech 5-6)

14/15 June

Central Prayer Meeting

20/21/22/ June

Home group

Study 4 - True Religion (Zech 7-8)

28/29 June

Central Prayer Meeting

4/5/6 July

Home group

Study 5 - True Leadership (Zech 9-11)

12/13 July

Central Prayer Meeting

18/19/20 July

Home Group

Study 6 - True Confidence (Zech 13-14)