We love to hold events which allow people who aren't normally part of our church family to get involved and hear more about the Christian message.

We are committed to what we call…

Come and see events

Come and see courses

Go and speak initiatives

Each year we plan a number of events and courses where Christians can invite those who are interested in hearing more about Jesus. However, we also want to encourage and equip Christians to be proactive in sharing the gospel with friends, family and strangers.

Spring 2017 – Dates to be confirmed
Essentials course
For more info contact Lee McMunn
Science debate
For more info contact Martin Buzza
Candlelit dinner
For more info contact Scott McKay
Darkness Falls A dramatization of John's Gospel by the Saltmine Theatre company

Summer 2017 – Dates to be confirmed
Film Night
For more info contact Bev Mitchell
Women’s Games Night
For more info contact Jess Motion