Children and Youth

All children are an important part of St John's Church.

"Fun". "Biblical". These are some of the words people use to describe the children’s and youth groups at St John's. Through the week and during morning services on Sundays we run groups for children from 0 to 18, where we teach children about God from the Bible in fun and engaging ways. For more infomation contact or

SUNDAY 10:30am - Starting together in the church.


Age/School Year

Overall Leader


Nikki Henshall


Judith Cresswell

4-6 (Nursery, Rec & Y1)

Heather Tinker

7-8 (Y2 & Y3)

Joe Libby

9-11 (Y4, Y5 & Y6)

Heather Payne

11-14 (Y7, Y8 & Y9)

Sam Patterson

SUNDAY 8 - 9:30pm

Mark 2 youth group for years 10-13 meeting after the 6:30pm service in the Newland Christian Centre

Minismusic group - music and rhythm activity group for toddlers aged 0-4 and their parents.

Discoverers - For years 2 & 3
3:30-4:30pm at St John’s Parish Hall, Clough Road

Adventurers - For years 4,5 & 6
6-7:15pm at St John’s Parish Hall, Clough Road

ABC  - For 0-4s with their parents or carers. in Riverside Community Centre, Parkstone Road (next to Parkstone Primary School).  1.15 to 2.40pm (term time only)


Toddler Group - For 0-4s with their parents or carers
10-11:30am at St John’s Parish Hall, Clough Road
Pathfinders - For years 7,8 & 9
6:30-8:00pm at St John’s Parish Hall, Clough Road

Mark 2- For years 10,11,12 & 13
8:00-9:30pm in St John’s Church, Clough Road
KickIt - For 0-6 year olds with their Dads
9:30 - 11am fortnightly - see website for details

Download a Childrens Clubs leaflet here

We run Holiday Clubs for primary school children in the summer holidays.