For adults

In addition to Sunday services, there are many opportunities for us to get together during the week. Some are designed for specific groups of people (children and young people, students, retired people, women and those born abroad).

The following are open to everyone:

Sunday services

9.30am: Morning service at St Faith's, Dunswell.
10.30am: Morning service for all ages at St John’s.
11.00am: Morning service at Riverside Church.
6.30pm: Evening service - a less formal service at St John’s.

Except for at our special familiy services, the children leave the morning services at St John's and Riverside before the sermon, to enjoy their own group activities.

Home Groups and Central Prayer Meetings

Home Groups are integral to the life of St John’s. We meet in small groups once a fortnight for Bible study, prayer and fellowship in homes around the parish. This is a great way to get to know people. Twice a month everybody comes together at church for praise and prayer.


Fun and friendship for those in their Twenties and Thirties. Our aims are to encourage each other in the Christian life, in thinking biblically about the world in which we live and in being witnesses in the workplace, and to get to know one another better by doing exciting things!